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Award Name One World Media Awards - Local Media Award
Address 3 - 7 Euston Centre Regent's Place
Greater London
Telephone +44 (0)207 8747609
Fax + 44 (0)207 8747641
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Details To recognise excellence in the communication of sustainable development and human rights

Entry Requirements Open to recognised regional (sub-national), local and community broadcast and print media, for content about the wider world which may also incorporate a local perspective. The judging will take into consideration the resources available to entrants.
Entry Fee £52
Criteria Summary THE JUDGES WILL BE LOOKING FOR WORK WHICH: Is concerned with stories or issues from the developing world. Has made these stories or issues accessible and relevant to UK audiences. Includes the voices and views of people in the developing world. Demonstrates investigative, journalistic or production flair, as well as the highest standards of journalism and programme making. Required great perseverance or bravery to realise. Communicates how the lives of the world’s rich affect the security of the world’s poor. Indicates possible solutions as well as exploring the problems of the developing world. (Not all of these criteria are required in any single entry)
Judges Each jury will consist of four individuals, distinguished members of their profession, drawn from the ranks of commissioning editors, producers, press editors, broadcasters and film makers. Ensuring absence of bias, jurors are chosen on stature, independence and relevance.
Sponsors DfID
Cash Value
RSA Accredited No

Established 12/06/2004
Last Award 10/06/2004
Next Award No date entered
Closing Date 19/03/2005

Previous Winners 2004 -  Abandoned Children Appeal, James Ruddy, Eastern Daily Press

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Last updated 09/03/2005