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Award Name Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Sustainability Awards
Address Pydar Street
Telephone +44 (0)1872 224372
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Main Contact
Contact Lynn Carter

Details The aim of the awards is to celebrate good practice, disseminate knowledge gained, encourage further participation, and support businesses working towards a sustainable future.
Case Studies T J International

Entry Requirements The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Sustainability Awards are open to all Cornish businesses excluding employees and elected members of the organisers and sponsors
Entry Fee None
Criteria Summary Identify how your company contributes to one or more of the following. Please note that the following criteria are in no order of priority. ENERGY How do you maximise energy efficiency? How do you generate or use energy from renewable resources or waste? POLLUTION Describe any actions you take to minimise noise, air, water, land or light pollution, beyond your requirements under legislation? How do you plan for environmental emergencies, e.g. spills, and how are staff trained, e.g. regular refresher course or drills. WASTE What action (s) do you take to minimise waste? How do you encourage re-use and / or repair of equipment etc? How do you recycle waste? WATER How do you monitor water usage? How do you reduce water usage? How do you encourage staff/customers to save water? How do you collect / re-use water on site? PURCHASING What action do you take to purchase in an environmentally friendly way, e.g. purchasing policy, buying locally, buying recycled goods, buying fair-trade products, buying from companies that have an environmental policy, buying from companies which have an ethical standards policy, buying products with minimal energy and water consumption? How does your business increase employment opportunities for local people? TRANSPORT How do you ensure that transport of staff and goods is minimised? How do you encourage your employees to cycle, walk, use public transport or car share to travel to work and during work journeys? How do you encourage your staff to use cars less, e.g. charge a fee for parking, secure / covered cycle/motorcycle racks? How do you manage your business vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner, e.g. reducing dead miles, route planning, alternative fuels? LAND USE How do your buildings and land enhance the local environment, e.g. re-use / conserve buildings, consider access, encourage natural plant and animal life on your site, support a local wildlife project? COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION How do you work with the local community? How are you involved in any local partnerships? EDUCATION How do you increase the skills and education of your workforce? How do you raise staff awareness of sustainability issues? ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Do you have an environmental policy? How are you working towards (or have you achieved) accreditation of a formal environmental management system such as ISO14001?
Judges English Nature & Environment Agency
Sponsors 8 Cornish Local Authorities, Environment Agency, Groundwork, County Environmental Services
Cash Value
RSA Accredited No

Established 01/02/2000
Last Award 01/03/2003
Next Award No date entered
Closing Date 14/05/2004

Previous Winners 2003 -

Overall winner:
TJ International

Other Award winners were:
Award for Best Small company – Lollipop Children’s Products
Award for Best Medium Company – Cornwall Paper Company
Employee who has shown most commitment to the company’s environmental programme – Chris Stevens, Ailec Mailing Services
Best Environmental Initiative – National Lobster Hatchery
Best Employee led initiative – National Lobster Hatchery

Other Info The sustainability awards have been developed through a partnership of the seven local authorities in Cornwall, the Environment Agency, Cornwall Business School in Company Division, and the Groundwork Trust. The concept of the awards was developed after a series of environmental management workshops delivered to small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) in Cornwall by a partnership of the Environment Agency, the local authorities and Cornwall Business School.

Last updated 09/03/2005