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Award Name Biodiversity Reporting Award - Ghana
Address 1919 M Street
NW Suite 600
Washington DC
Fax +1 202 912 1048
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Details The goal is to increase the quantity of environmental

reporting, improve the quality of environmental reporting through

capacity-building and training, recognize the outstanding work of key

journalists covering environmental issues, and stimulate their continued


Entry Requirements Print media only. Articles must have been published between June 1, 2001 and May 31, 2002.All journalists, staff or freelance, may participate in the contest. They should be permanent residents in the country and work in or with the local and national print media. Foreign correspondents of national media outlets working overseas and correspondents of foreign media outlets living in the country may not apply. Each journalist is allowed to submit up to four articles.
Entry Fee None
Criteria Summary The criteria are the following: STYLE: The article is well written, the text is creative and flows well; CONTENT AND INFORMATION: The story is informative, has the amount of information needed, subject was well investigated; SOURCES: The article offers different perspectives, with a variety of sources; UNDERSTANDIBILITY OF INFORMATION: The article translates scientific jargon and complex issues into an understandable language to the general reader; and TOPIC: The article is within the theme of the award, which focuses on biodiversity
Sponsors Conservation International
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Previous Winners 2001 -
Freelance journalist Vivian Baah, of the League of Environmental Journalists, was the grand prize winner of the "Biodiversity Reporting Award 2001" in Ghana with the article "Guess What's Cooking for Dinner," which reported on the increasing consumption of marine turtles and was published as a three-part series in The Evening News. The second prize was awarded to Dzifa Azumah, from the Evening News for his story “Turtles: Protecting One of Mankind's Oldest Friends.” Third place winner was Joachim Ayitey with “Saving our Marine and Coastal Wetlands,” also published in the Evening News. John Ekow Yarney of Public Agenda received an honorable mention.

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