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· Sustainable Stars
A region-wide competition from Elevate - East Lancashire's HMR pathfinder to find the very best the region has to offer with regards to sustainability and reward green heroes

· Gold Apple for the Built Environment 2008
Rosehill Lodges have been built locally by local craftsmen. All materials used have been sourced to be local and sustainable.The Lodges offer 5 star accomdation alongside grass roofs and solar panels.Rosehill as a business are commited to the enviro...more

· World Habitat Awards 2008
WORLD HABITAT AWARDS 2008! Dear Colleague, The Building and Social Housing Foundation is currently seeking entries for the World Habitat Awards 2008 competition, which we hope will be of interest to you and your readers. We would be very grateful i...more

· RICS Awards 2008 - Community Benefit Award
To recognise outstanding achievement in the built and natural environment. This award looks for outstanding achievements in providing community facilities. Projects may be single buildings or multiple units and may stand in urban, rural and coastal ...more

· RICS Awards 2008 - Regeneration Award
This award recognises improvements to the built or natural environment that make a long-term contribution to the viability and prosperity of an area. Key judging criteria include the background/history of the site, whether the scheme is part of a wi...more

· RICS Awards 2008 - Project of the Year Award
To recognise outstanding achievement in the built and natural environment. This is the highest accolade the judges can give a project and is an award that honours the most outstanding contribution to the conservation of a building or structure.

· RICS Awards 2008 - Sustainability Award
To recognise outstanding achievement in the built and natural environment. Rewards innovation in the efficient use of energy and materials to provide a sustainable environment. The design, construction and management of the building must also illus...more

· RICS Awards 2008 - Building Conservation Award
To recognise outstanding achievement in the built and natural environment. Honours outstanding work in the conservation of a single building or structure, or a group of buildings or structures, and covers refurbishment or conversion to a new use.

· Green Dot Awards

· Australian Business Awards
The Australian Business Awards is a national awards program recognising success, innovation and ethics across all industry sectors.

· National eWell-Being Awards
The National eWell-Being Awards are unique in celebrating the social, economic and environmental benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The aim is to identify and promote the most innovative uses of ICT by local authorities, bu...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Changing Places Award (Private or Public Sector)
Awarded to a business or public sector organisation that has demonstrated sustainable improvements in the appearance of land and premises. These could include renovations, landscape or new build projects, improved security measures such as community ...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Lord Winstanley Changing Places
Awarded as a tribute to Lord Winstanley who was Chairman of the first Groundwork Trust and whose care and energy drove the Groundwork experiment on Merseyside.This award is for physical improvements that demonstrate community involvement, consult...more

· Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Awards - Eco Schools
Rewarding schools demonstrating an active and comprehensive commitment to putting the principles of sustainable development into practice.The Judging Panel will be looking for innovative approaches that demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainabili...more

· The Waterways Renaissance Awards - The Waterways Trust and BURA
The UK's inland waterway network is undergoing a remarkable renaissance. Waterways are increasingly being recognised for the value they add to developments undertaken in their vicinity. Projects or schemes that in turn add value back to the waterways...more

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